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 Services we provide are:

- Quick turnarounds
- Rapid Prototyping
- All volumes of production runs (low, medium and high volumes)
- Repair on existing parts (from machinery, line, ect.)
- Jigs and Fixturing
-Tooling                                                                                                  - Sale of stock material
- Journeymen Machinists and Toolmakers
- Experience with a vast variety of materials
- Inspection






Progressive Machining's knowledgeable staff will work close with our customers to develop cost-effective designs of parts, assemblies, ect. through their prototype Stages. If we see there are areas for improvement on a design we will advise our customer in order to cut production machining time and costs.

We also have the ability to do production machining. Whether it be on parts we helped to develop or parts already developed, we have the machines and resources for production machining. flatpart_fixture.jpg



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Progressive Machining Inc. | 580 Colby Dr. Waterloo, ON | (519) 883-8111